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Conscious Birth

It all starts with birth

the birth of your child and the birth of you as a mother. 

How you start this journey together is bound to leave lasting memories and imp​​​​​act on you as a woman and on your child as a person. 

All the core reasons to invest in the mental preparation for birth and beyond.

Preparing for birth is preparing to let go:

of your fears,

of your preconceptions,

of your expectations

To open up for:

the new,

the flow of the moment,

the wisdom of your body.

The crux of the self-care and parenting skills you will need during the post-partum period, the beginning of the transition to your new life cycle.

My wish for you IS...

that you discover your power as a woman,

that your pregnancy and birth feeds your post-partum and motherhood,

that I ride these waves with you.

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