doula Rotterdam

Congratulations! You’re pregnant. This marks the beginning of a new period, as a woman, as a man, as a mother, as a father.

I promise you, the investment you make in the birth of your baby will be worth it. Every baby deserves a peaceful start of life. Preparation and support are key to a positive birth experience.

As your doula, I’ll be there to offer you support that fulfills your needs and wishes.

I’ll talk with you.

I’ll walk with you.

I’ll dance with you.

I’ll sing with you.

I’ll cry and laugh.

Together, we’ll do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable.

But most importantly, I’ll be honest with you, about the possibilities, difficulties, the beauty and the messiness of pregnancy, birth, and post-partum.

doula Semin

As a certified doula, I’ll be your personal non-medical support person during your pregnancy, birth, and post-partum,

  • giving you information on pregnancy, birth, and post-partum
  • helping you make informed choices by making you discover your wishes and preferences
  • offering you tips, exercises & massages
  • providing continuous support during pregnancy & birth
  • helping you process your birth
  • taking care of you, your baby, and your family after your birth.

Due to my background in counselling & coaching, I pay extra attention to the psychological and emotional aspects of this whole process.

If you like, I also make beautiful pictures of your pregnant belly, your birth, and your newborn baby as your photographer.

Relax, take a look at my doula services & contact me. I’d love to join your journey to parenthood.

Deniz & Oğuzhan & Ata
Deniz & Oğuzhan & Ata
Delft, Doula | Newborn Lifestyle Photograpy
You think that because you understand 'one' you must understand 'two', because one and one equals two. But you also have to understand "and", Rumi said. Fortunately, we walked together with my dear doula Semin on the path to understanding that "and". While going through the process of pregnancy in a foreign country, more so during the pandemic, was a test in itself, Semin's trust, sincerity, and experience made all worries wash away. We felt her sincerity from the first minute we met, and time flew by. Due to the pandemic, Semin could not be with us physically during the birth. But still, despite the pandemic, she was with us from the beginning of the birth to the last moment, be it online. We looked at what we could do for birth according to our needs and worked towards it. We were also prepared for the period after birth with books and tips on birth, transition to parenthood, and for every possibility! Semin always said that babies decide when and how they will come, as ours didn't want to come. Thanks to the exercises she showed, I could even easily cope with the contractions of the induced labor. I'm glad I went on this journey with Semin. Mine was a cesarean delivery at the last moment and maybe I would be sad because I had a cesarean section. But especially postpartum support, meals, delicious snacks... You have been an invaluable friend to me. Great photography, too. My dear Semin, glad to know you, glad that our paths crossed. I wish you leave beautiful marks in the lives of other expectant mothers. With love. We love you so much and thank you so much for everything.
Rotterdam, Doula
Semin guided me very well towards and during my delivery. Thanks to her, I dared to have a natural delivery again after a Caesarean section.
Rotterdam, Doula | Birth Photography
I had given birth to my son through cesarean section due to his breech presentation. But during my second pregnancy, my daughter was in the right position, and I finally had the chance to realize my natural birth dream. I wanted my husband to stay with my son during birth. I needed a doula to support me during the birth because no family had a chance to come [to the Netherlands], and the birth would take place at the hospital due to the fact that it was a VBAC, in which case my midwife could not support me. So I met Semin through a friend's recommendation. I felt that my birth would be comfortable. Thanks to the birth plan we made with Semin, I felt even safer. When my contractions became regular, Semin picked me up from my house, and the two of us went to the hospital. We were alone except for the hospital staff who came to help and connect the NST during delivery. Semin’s massages were very relaxing when my contractions were intense. She was also invisible during the intense moments when I didn't want to be touched. She gave critical advice and information at the right moments as she mastered the whole process. For example: “They will connect you to the NST soon, so if you want to take a shower, you can do it now, and it will relax you.” or “You have a pause between the contractions, the baby and you can rest.” Or when I said, “Oh Semin, this is very difficult,” she said “It’s going very well; you're doing great; just a few more contractions, and the head of the baby will be out.” Hospital staff came to help with the last moments of birth. I did everything together with Semin. And she also took beautiful pictures of my little girl. I don't understand how she took all those wonderful photos between all the sweat and tears. We shared very special moments together. I wish our friendship will last a lifetime. Love.
Rotterdam, Doula | Pregnancy Photography
I was lucky from very beginning on with respect to my pregnancy and birth. Meeting Semin was one of those lucks. With the book suggestions and information she gave during pregnancy, I could prepare for my birth process from within. The fact that a respectful, wise woman who knew the process was by my side during my birth as an observer changed my energy during the birth. Looking at myself from the outside from her eyes made me to calm down. After the birth, she continued to provide psychological support and share her knowledge. I am grateful for all of this sincere help. As to her photography, she was calm, natural, prepared for and patient with the difficulties of shooting with a small child. She has eternalized a very important period of our family life on a sunny Dutch day with our 6 year old son. Thanks for supporting my little girl and me in all of these moments that are very special for us. I will enjoy our friendship from now on.
Voorburg, Doula
Finally I get some time for writing. 8 weeks before, 19th October [2016] My Ilham born. That was a day which was not easy for me and also for my son. But we did that. After all the complication God blessed me. I want to say thanks ''Birth Wish" from my heart. Dear Semin, you did lot for me. I'm alone in Netherland, but for your support I didn't felt that. I pray for you and your "Birth Wish". Some people thought without Doula baby can born. Of course baby can born without Doula's help. But Doula makes ur day easy and beautiful. Doula give u courage and support. Semin u remember I put lipstick that day when I went to hospital? Ha ha ha.... I think I'm the only one who put lipstick at such critical condition ;p Actually I felt courage for you. I thought what ever happen Semin will help me. And you did that. Today Ilham 8 weeks old and he can recognize his mom :) it's a beautiful feeling. Thank you Dear for everything.
Dordrecht, Birth Coaching | Doula | Birth Photography
I’m so glad you were there for the birth! You listened to me and asked good questions to process my previous birth. I would recommend everybody who is either going to give birth for the first time or who had a previous traumatic birth to contact you. You were a great support before and during the birth. You also took fantastic photos of the birth and our baby!