Fertility Coaching

fertility coaching Rotterdam

Exciting times await – you wish to have a baby. You cannot wait to do a pregnancy test. As months go by without the positive line, you seek medical help. First you take the diagnostic tests; then the treatments begin. If the treatments are not successful, the initial feelings of hope slowly give way to disappointment and despair. As friends and family around you announce their pregnancies, you begin to ask yourself if your turn will ever come. Time and again, you are confronted with the well-meaning comment that “You just need to relax and not to be so busy with it” and that “It will just happen”.

Between hormones, hope, and fear, you notice this whole baby-making process affects you and your relationship.

  • Do you need more than a listening ear?
  • Do you wish to search for ways to deal with the process?
  • Would you like to process your miscarriage?
  • Do you need assistance in deciding on the next steps?
  • How do you go on with your life with the idea that your dream may not come true?
  • What does it mean for you and your relationship if you end up without children?
  • Do you wish to look for underlying reasons of the situation you are in?
  • Are you interested in searching for mental and emotional blocks that may be standing in your way?
  • Do you want to grab this chance to feel better about yourself and your life?

As a counselor who has experienced this process, I can support you before, during, or after your fertility journey. You do not have to walk this road alone. My wish is that this experience makes you stronger. You have the ultimate key to a fertile life, with or without children.

Fertility Doula

fertility doula Rotterdam

For clients who wish more physical and emotional support than classical counselling & coaching, I offer support as a fertility doula. As a fertility doula, I can:

  • offer you continuous support throughout the journey to becoming pregnant
  • inform you about fertility care in the Netherlands
  • help you in making choices with regard to fertility treatments
  • help you (re)gain trust in your body’s ability to get pregnant
  • inform you about natural fertility remedies
  • offer you techniques to help you relax and release emotions
  • accompany and support you before, during, or after a fertility appointment or procedure.

As your fertility doula, I can be there for you whenever and however you need me. You will receive the personal support you need while riding the waves of fertility treatments, the hopes, fears, joys, and losses.

Ijzendijke, Fertility Coaching
I had my first appointment online with Semin in April 2020, back then we had discussed my plan for fertility treatment and the approach as I was lost in the process completely. Semin throughout those 2 years of our online meetings acted as my mentor, adviser and fertility specialist. Due to the distance I have decided to establish her as my strategic fertility planner, which happened to be a very wise move. She convinced me to follow a certain timeline for the treatments. She was kind to guide me through rules and regulations of my health insurance and she was very gentle in the process of many failures in the fertility journey. I am forever grateful that she has a customized oriented approach per each case and that in my case, she acts as a consultant only, which has given me more self-esteem in the process of negotiation with medical stuff members. When I was pregnant, we were in touch again, and this time around Semin helped me navigate the Dutch pregnancy and post-partum world as she is also a doula. I will also contact her after my baby is born, and she will also assist me to establish my new work-life balance as a mum. What I like the most about Semin, that she is very responsive, reflective and she sums up our online meeting in an email, exactly what one needs from a consultancy, hence I highly recommend and value her service.
Rotterdam, Fertility Coaching
The two sessions with Semin have helped us a lot! It felt very nice, familiar, and easy to talk about our wish to have a baby with an experienced expert. There is room for every emotion, and you can fill in the sessions yourself. Although we talked a lot about this issue together, the conversations with Semin gave us other insights on how we both dealt with the challenges of this process. Semin helped us to put things into perspective, also through sharing her own story. Semin was also able to meet on weekends and evenings, which was very handy.
Rotterdam, Fertility Coaching
Semin has guided us together at the beginning of our fertility treatments. Thanks to the counselling sessions, we gained insight into what our wish to have a child means to us and how we can deal with this. Pleasant that the conversations can take place in the evening. Semin is in that sense very flexible.
Amsterdam, Fertility Coaching
A brief note on Semin: A friend in need is a friend in deed. And we do not know all the time how or where we would meet this friend. For me, it was at a time when life was all over me like a sweet puppy trying to catch attention and show love. Of course, I was then focused on her saliva and the fact that I was on the floor; rather realizing the rejuvenating experience. I was trying to cope with stress at work, stress at home, and yes stress at the hospital too. I was through three iui and one ivf treatments when I met this knowledgeable and caring person. As an expat living in the NL for three years, I missed my own doctor, my family, and was craving for some (any?!) support. We have met only three times yet that made a lot of difference. And in between she was always in touch; checking with me to offer further advise. She was open about sharing her personal story and helped me build mine. I went through another yet this time more relaxed and fun ivf cycle with this supportive person. I have not fully come out still; yet all looks much brighter now. Like I said before, all songs end with a happy note if you have loving souls around you. And Semin was one of them for me. I wholeheartedly thank you dear friend for everything. Sorry that it took so much time for me to write this back to you.