Birth coaching

birth coaching Rotterdam

Preparing for birth

Pregnancy is a special period. It is a time of transformation. You become a mother. You feel the wonder that grows in you and dream about the little person you will meet in a few months. The last wonder that brings your baby in your arms is childbirth.

  • How do you prepare yourself for your birth?
  • Are you afraid?
  • Do you hear horror birth stories from women around you?
  • Do you wish for a positive experience yourself?
  • Do you wish to feel ready for your birth?

Processing birth trauma

You gave birth, but it did not exactly go as you had hoped for or even worse - it was a traumatic experience.

  • Do you want to process your previous birth experience?
  • Do you wish to work towards a more positive experience with your next birth?

My desire is to help you (re)find the strength within you as a woman.

As a counselor with practical experience with births, I can offer you the support you need in processing your previous birth and/or in preparing for your new birth. If you wish, I can also offer you continuous support during your next pregnancy and birth as a doula.

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I’m so glad you were there for the birth! You listened to me and asked good questions to process my previous birth. I would recommend everybody who is either going to give birth for the first time or who had a previous traumatic birth to contact you. You were a great support before and during the birth. You also took fantastic photos of the birth and our baby!