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Counselling aims to reveal the underlying emotional and behavioral patterns behind your life questions. We go as deep as you wish and feel comfortable with. My job as a counsellor is to facilitate you in finding the answers to your questions. We search for solutions together. I do not give you advice, but rather offer you tools and ways of thinking that will help you deal with your issues yourself.

As a counsellor, I espouse a person-centered approach. My counselling will be tailored to your needs. I am here to support all wishes to change and wish that counselling helps you in birthing your true self and potential.The idea is not only to gain insights, but also to come up with practical steps to bring in the change you wish for in your life.


I like to work with creative methods to support our counselling sessions.

Depending on what your personal preferences are, these methods include:

  • visualizing
  • drawing
  • writing.

Focus Areas

Due to my background and life experience, I have a particular interest in processes leading to welcoming a new life: fertility, pregnancy, and giving birth.

I offer the following counselling services:


When you contact me for counselling, we proceed as follows:

  • We first call shortly (approximately 15 minutes) to discuss what your question is and how I could help.
  • We make an initial plan as to how we will work together.
  • If we agree to work together, then we have sessions of one to two hours.
  • The amount and frequency of sessions will depend on your question and needs. On average, 5-6 sessions are needed.
  • Your privacy is guaranteed. I work according to the ethical code of the ACC (Academy for Counselling and Coaching).
  • I can counsel you in English, Dutch, Turkish, or French.

My hourly fee is €60 (including VAT). Travel costs in Rotterdam are included in the price. Travel costs outside of Rotterdam (€0.19 per km) and parking costs will be charged per session. I also offer my services via skype.

Please contact me for more information.

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E & K
E & K
Rotterdam, Fertility Coaching
The two sessions with Semin have helped us a lot! It felt very nice, familiar, and easy to talk about our wish to have a baby with an experienced expert. There is room for every emotion, and you can fill in the sessions yourself. Although we talked a lot about this issue togşşether, the conversations with Semin gave us other insights on how we both dealt with the challenges of this process. Semin helped us to put things into perspective, also through sharing her own story. Semin was also able to meet on weekends and evenings, which was very handy.
R & D
R & D
Rotterdam, Fertility Coaching
Semin has guided us together at the beginning of our fertility treatments. Thanks to the counselling sessions, we gained insight into what our wish to have a child means to us and how we can deal with this. Pleasant that the conversations can take place in the evening. Semin is in that sense very flexible.
Amsterdam, Fertility Coaching
A brief note on Semin: A friend in need is a friend in deed. And we do not know all the time how or where we would meet this friend. For me, it was at a time when life was all over me like a sweet puppy trying to catch attention and show love. Of course, I was then focused on her saliva and the fact that I was on the floor; rather realizing the rejuvenating experience. I was trying to cope with stress at work, stress at home, and yes stress at the hospital too. I was through three iui and one ivf treatments when I met this knowledgeable and caring person. As an expat living in the NL for three years, I missed my own doctor, my family, and was craving for some (any?!) support. We have met only three times yet that made a lot of difference. And in between she was always in touch; checking with me to offer further advise. She was open about sharing her personal story and helped me build mine. I went through another yet this time more relaxed and fun ivf cycle with this supportive person. I have not fully come out still; yet all looks much brighter now. Like I said before, all songs end with a happy note if you have loving souls around you. And Semin was one of them for me. I wholeheartedly thank you dear friend for everything.