World Doula Week Photo Challenge 22-28 March 2016

I enjoyed participating in the 22-28 March World Doula Week photo challenge this year. In celebration of my profession, I shared something personal.

Doula Semin Rotterdam

DAY 1 (22 March 2016): Doula selfie - Me during my hospital internship in February 2015, with my 33-week pregnant belly

World Doula Week

DAY 2 (23 March 2016): My favorite quote - my inspiration & conviction

World Doula Week

DAY 3 (24 March 2016): The tool I use the most - encouraging words

World Doula Week

DAY 4 (25 March 2016): Client testimonial

World Doula Week

DAY 5 (26 March 2016): Favorite items of my doula bag - birthing ball, rebozo, and lavender oil

JJ Doula Training

DAY 6 (27 March 2016): My doula mentors Jennifer Walker & Jacky Bloemraad and my doula friends Merline Hendricks & Madyasa Vijber #jjdoulatraining

Doula Rotterdam

DAY 7 (28 March 2016): The city where I work - Birth Wish: Your birth, your wish, your doula in Rotterdam