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How I can support your journey

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Support before, during, and after your journey to pregnancy

Continuous pregnancy & birth support

Practical, physical, psychological support throughout pregnancy & birth

Fear of birth & birth trauma

Processing your fear & trauma and preparing for your next birth

Transition to parenthood

Post-partum support and adjusting to life with a newborn

Shamanic healing

Journeying for the healing power of nature and spirits

Lifestyle Photography

Pregnancy, birth, and newborn photography

What Clients are Saying


Ijzendijke, Fertility Coaching
What I like the most about Semin, that she is very responsive, reflective and she sums up our online meeting in an email, exactly what one needs from a consultancy, hence I highly recommend and value her service.
Rotterdam, Doula
Semin’s massages were very relaxing when my contractions were intense. She was also invisible during the intense moments when I didn't want to be touched. She gave critical advice and information at the right moments as she mastered the whole process.
Jason & Rebecca
Bergschenhoek, Photography
We have photos we could never imagine now being without, some of them very intimate, nearly all of them candid and natural. Semin is always sensitive to our feelings and knows when to keep her distance as well. We will certainly be using her for a full service again when our next one comes along.
E & K
Rotterdam, Fertility Coaching
The two sessions with Semin have helped us a lot! It felt very nice, familiar, and easy to talk about our wish to have a baby with an experienced expert. There is room for every emotion, and you can fill in the sessions yourself. Although we talked a lot about this issue together, the conversations with Semin gave us other insights on how we both dealt with the challenges of this process. Semin helped us to put things into perspective, also through sharing her own story. Semin was also able to meet on weekends and evenings, which was very handy.
Voorburg, Doula
Dear Semin, you did lot for me. I'm alone in Netherland, but for your support I didn't felt that. Some people thought without Doula baby can born. Of course baby can born without Doula's help. But Doula makes ur day easy and beautiful. Doula give u courage and support. Semin u remember I put lipstick that day when I went to hospital? Ha ha ha.... I think I'm the only one who put lipstick at such critical condition ;p Actually I felt courage for you. I thought what ever happen Semin will help me. And you did that. Thank you Dear for everything.
Dordrecht, Photography
Semin, you were at the birth of Wolfgang, our wonderful son! No regrets that we have chosen for your work. Those pictures ..... What breathtakingly beautiful to see! The tears ran down my cheeks when I first saw the pictures. And they still do! So intense and special. So beautifully and purely documented. I really hope you will make a lot parents happy with such beautiful photography because really, they will have no regrets!! You are great at what you do. We are grateful that you captured a priceless moment in our lives.